• Hi I have recently installed this and playing around, seeing if it is suitable for our company’s needs. So far so good, however can I make some suggestions for future releases?

    – have an option so if the ticket is unassigned and an agent response to it, assign the ticket to that agent?

    – have an option to auto change the status when an agent replies (like you do when a customer replies)

    – Have an option to stop customers adding to close cases

    – Have an option to notify customer and/or agent when a ticket has been inactive for x number of days ( event better if you can pick inactive when in a certain state, and chose an action, like change the status if inactive for x days)

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  • Hi @prldoyle,

    We have added this suggestion in our suggestion list. After discussing with our development team, we’ll take decision on this and let you know the outcome as soon as we can.

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