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Suggestion: YouTube, setting for Autohide parameter

  • Great work on the plugin however my one caveat with it is that it doesn’t include a customizable setting for controlling the autohide parameter for YouTube videos. For those of you that don’t now autohide=1 combined with showinfo=0 (aleady configurable) results in a featured video with no visible YouTube overlay element except for the play button, i.e.: https://www.dropbox.com/s/q9drw2yev612vtm/2014-01-06%2014_49_03-Antimony.png ; which in my own opinion is more nicer to look at.

    Today the only way of assigning the value to the parameter is to open up /featured-video-plus/php/general.php in a text editor and include “&autohide=1” somewhere on row 97. For example:

    $src = ‘http://www.youtube.com/embed/’.$meta[‘id’].’?theme=’.$theme.$wmode.’&color=’.$color.’&autohide=1&showinfo=’.$info.’&modestbranding=’.$logo.’&enablejsapi=’.$jsapi.’&origin=’.esc_attr(home_url()).’&rel=’.$rel.’&fs=’.$fs.’&start=’.$meta[‘time’].’&autoplay=’.$autoplay;

    It works, but it will surely break whenever an update is released for the plugin.

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