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  • When I want my site to be free of comments, completely, nada, I need to edit the theme. “Comments are closed” is not at all what I want – I don’t want comments AT ALL and no declaration that there are no comments. I suggest to add a variable that authors fo themes can test (and users set) such as no-comments-on-any-post, say, so they can remove the call to comments_popup_link() in that case.

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  • You can do this in your template:

    <?php if( comments_open() ) comments_popup_link(); ?>

    Better than a variable. Note this should also work:

    <?php if( 'open' == $post->comment_status ) comments_popup_link(); ?>

    I’ve tried this PHP code and it doesn’t turn off the comment mark in the blog. Still shows “No Comments” which is what i was trying to shut off as well. Is the code to be somewhere very specific in the PHP script?

    To do this, I do what you do tagesk — just edit the theme and remove the comments code.

    However, with one site, I think it’s time for comments to re-appear, so if you do it this way, I’d suggest making sure you keep a copy of the original code on hand.

    I don’t like to just comment out code (no pun intended!) as it still runs through and processes, and just doesn’t get displayed.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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