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    I just tried taking your plugin for a spin and I love the functionality! Your plugin is a leading Google Search result and it gets the job done in a classy way. And I am interested in possibly getting the premium plugin down the road for another site I’m working on. However, adding a whole new “WP Clever” admin menu sidebar item to clutter up the backend WordPress Dashboard is a real disappointment for me. Just for the basic added functionality of turning variations from select items to radio buttons I have to now endure yet another WordPress Dashboard top-level admin menu sidebar item in my growing list! Since most of your plugins deal with WooCommerce, could you consider at least adding it under the “WooCommerce” menu item. Better yet would be a tab under “WooCommerce > Settings”. Most quality premium WooCommerce extensions do it this way and it seems to be much more intuitive and less confusing to clients. Thank you for considering this idea!

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    Hi @robertstaddon ,

    Thank you for your interest in our plugin. As you know, we create quite a number of WooCommerce plugins to assist users in selling online. We must use this admin dashboard as it would be easier for user who install more than one plugins from us.

    This is to ensure that they can find all the basic settings for our plugins at one place. Your idea is good, but we just can’t put it under WooCommerce settings as we’re going to develop even more plugins to assist with all kinds of stuff on an online store: Quick view, compare, Product bundles, Composite, Grouped products, Timer, Radio button, etc. It would be even more harder for people who are beginner or normal users (with not much WordPress or WooCommerce experience) to find the settings.

    Hence, sadly, we just can’t take your request into consideration for now. Maybe in the future, when we redesign the whole system, we’ll consider this.

    We wish you a nice experience with our plugin. Thanks for your support of our plugin.
    Best regards.

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    Hello there! Thank you for your quick response.

    I’m afraid that I disagree with your logic. You are thinking about it all wrong. Sure, from your perspective that makes sense to package your little tweaks together in one admin panel. But have you ever thought about this from your customer’s perspective?

    Your WooCommerce plugins are extending WooCommerce functionality. Imagine if all the other big-name WooCommerce extension developers thought the way you did. I would have to tell my clients to go to “SkyVerge” to manage the store settings controlled by SkyVerge WooCommerce extensions and “WP Clever” to manage the store settings controlled by WP Clever WooCommerce extensions and “Lucas Stark” to manage the store settings from Lucas Stark’s WooCommerce extensions and “WooCommerce > Settings” for core store settings that aren’t controlled by any of the above plugins. What a nightmare that would be! Thankfully, serious WooCommerce extension developers place their settings nicely on tabs or screens under “WooCommerce > Settings” so that it’s easy and logical for users to find the additional store settings provided by their plugins.

    You really have created some good plugins that are solving some real-world issues that WooCommerce store owners need. But do you really expect that every WooCommerce store owner is going to buy a half dozen of your extensions on every store they create? It’s a shame that instead of helping store owners extend needed WooCommerce functionality, you’re trying to set up your own little plugin dynasty that contributes to a messy, cluttered admin Dashboard for anyone that tries out one of your plugins.

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    I was inspired to write a blog post about this problem. It really focuses on YITH, which is the main WooCommerce plugin developer that uses your flawed approach, but it applies just the same to your WooCommerce plugins. Please, for the sake of the WordPress community and the betterment of WooCommerce, have your development team read over this article and reconsider your position.

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