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  • Hi all.
    I am glad and satisfied with the l10n supports of WP 1.2. Recently I finished the translation from English to Traditional Chinese, it works perfectly, but there is always a problem browsing UTF-8 Chinese web pages with the Internet Explorer of Microsoft.
    That is, the default encoding is Big5, if you use IE to browse a Chinese web page encoded in UTF-8, and the first line of the header is the title containing UTF-8 characters, there will be an error, it will stop render the page and show a blank page, but not to continue reading the data about language encoding and switch to UTF-8 encoding.
    To avoid this problem, web designers in the area of native Traditional Chinese speakers always move the meta tag about language encoding before any other metadata such as title and so on. I hope that the developers of WP may notice this, well, all the things need to do is to edit the admin-header.php and index.php, but it can help lots of people in Taiwan and Hong Kong to browse a WP blog, since IE is the most popular browser here.

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  • Hi, I just want to say “thank you”. I am using UTF-8 encoding, but I had a problem in which my Chinese characters were showing up as garbage until I refreshed the page once, then they appeared fine. I don’t know the reason for this, but when I moved the encoding tag above the TITLE, the problem (apparently) was solved.

    er, no, maybe it’s not solved. but reduced.

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