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  • First of all greetings and many thanks for this useful plugin.

    I used to base my option pages on a self-made very basic class but as i always like to include user friendly tools in the themes I produce, I decided to give your plugin a try.

    Calling options is made with the ‘ot_get_option()’ function, each time it’s used it makes a database query calling the ‘get_option()’ function and retrieves the same ‘option_tree’ entry.

    As this entry is an array, wouldn’t it be more ressource efficient to query the db once and store its value in a variable globally available?

    I replaced the native function with this one:

    function ot_get_option( $option_id, $default = '' ) {
      /* get the saved options */
      global $option_tree_value;
      if (!isset($option_tree_value)) {
        $option_tree_value = get_option( 'option_tree' );
      $options = $option_tree_value;
      /* look for the saved value */
      if ( isset( $options[$option_id] ) && '' != $options[$option_id] ) {
        return $options[$option_id];
      return $default;

    The database is then queried only once each time a page loads.


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