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  • Greetings everyone,

    First, thank you for the work on WordPress 🙂

    Second, an introduction : I’m a PRODUCTIVITY FREAK, and small details making me win or lose 20 seconds on very repetitive tasks make, in my mind, all the difference in the world.

    Third, my suggestion 😉
    With the new WordPress 3.1, when we hyperlink something when typing a post (control-shift-A), we have to type the Title every single time.

    Previously, the editor would remember the previous titles we entered and suggest it from the first letters we were typing. This was EXTREMELY useful !

    Imagine, a small task you have to make 7 times in a post. You’ve got an OLD blog so almost whatever title you should use has already been entered once.
    Previous wordpress : type a few letters, obtain the proper title suggestion, enter, enter again, it’s hyperlinked, done.
    New wordpress : every time, typing from scratch the title.
    Seven iterations of that process make you lose more than one minute when writing your post.

    Do you see the idea ?

    I hope this can be restored back, and if wordpress can be hacked to have it back, please, please, let me know ? 🙂
    Good day everyone,

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  • With the new WordPress 3.1, when we hyperlink something when typing a post (control-shift-A), we have to type the Title every single time.

    Are you talking external linking or internal? There’s a new internal post linking feature.

    As for the other, I THINK that was your browser and as you use 3.1, the cache that generated that will be re-built.

    Yes, I’m talking about external links.
    But, after all, it’s the same “window” that pops up when we do control-shift-a, it’s just that it has an additional option at the bottom.

    As for title suggestions, well, since I posted my topic, I’ve posted 3 blog posts, and I have yet to be suggested anything.

    Maybe the cache of titles is rebuilt on an irregular basis ?
    Otherwise, I guess I’ll have to ping you back, it may be an overslooked defect.

    I forgot to add : when posting entries, I underestimated the time I lose because of the need to type my title from scratch. I lose a minimum of 20 seconds per hyperlink… that’s a lot, in fact :-/

    Maybe the cache of titles is rebuilt on an irregular basis ?

    I’m not sure, honestly. I also don’t bother with titles on my links… it’s faster for me to type out <a href="<pasteURL>">foobarfoobar!</a> than anything.

    I think it’s a great idea.

    What is the great idea, Jaumesala ? To manually type the html code ? Or something else ?
    I’m not sure I followed you…
    Me, I’m not the “artist” profile, I’m the “productivity freak” profile, and typing html code is definitely slower.

    As for me, a full day passed, and wordpress isn’t suggesting me anything anymore.

    I made tests : with the new WordPress, I’m losing 3 additional minutes per blog post.
    For a blogging software promising to help us, I regret to say this is a failure :-/

    Wouldn’t be there a way to have title suggestions restored ?

    I’m unfamiliar enough with this to kick this one up a level. I’ve pinged a dev about it. It MIGHT be that because the interface changed back-end code, but again, it’s out of my depth.

    WordPress doesn’t do any “caching” in that space that I am aware of. It certainly doesn’t remember your previous inputs. Perhaps your browser was doing that?

    Generally speaking, when I’m creating a post, I don’t put any links in it at all until I’m done. Then I go back and hyperlink words in it while I’m proofreading.

    Well, Otto, if Wordress wasn’t caching, then TinyMCE was.
    Or if it isn’t called caching, let’s give it whatever name we want, the fact remains that the editor was making suggestions as soon as we were starting typing, and it was a formidable help.

    This is an official proposition, if you like, I can catch a video of a worpdress 3.0.5 blog editing window, with the suggestions showing while I type in the title field, if a visual input may make things more clear.

    Thanks for the pinging of a dev, Ipstenu, I hope Worpdress will find a way to re-integrate the suggestion feature, it was a great productivity help 🙂

    Are you using FireFox? (Not as random as you’d think…)

    Yes I am. Firefox 3.6.13 more precisely, but I feel wordpress has been suggesting me titles forever.

    When making a small vid of the suggestion process, on an old blog not updated yet, that I very rarely update, I noticed the suggestion feature was cross-sites, it was making me suggestions from texts I typed in another blog.

    Moderator Andrew Nacin


    Lead Developer

    We can fix this. IIRC, browsers do autocomplete only when inputs have names. Our input is now missing a name. Adding it back should restore the autocomplete.

    Actually, it’s also set to autocomplete=”off”, which probably doesn’t help either 🙂

    I’m not sure why it was done that way — I would want both of them to allow autocomplete. Let me ping the dev on that feature.

    The only reason I bring up FireFox is that there are some bugs with it and TinyMCE (which WP uses for Visual Editors). I THINK 3.6 is okay, and I know that 4.x is. Just keep that in mind.

    But thank you, Nacin!

    I noticed this was not fixed with the latest wordpress update.

    I don’t want to sound arrogant, and I’m unfamiliar with that process, is it something that I could file at wordpress’ Trac, as a bug report ?

    You don’t sound arrogant. Just bear in mind that open-source moves at the speed of its devs, and NOT external pressures (which is kind of the opposite of ‘traditional’ development …).

    To post on trac, go to

    Login with the same ID/Password you use here.

    Though do a search BEFORE you post to see if there’s a ticket out there already. I didn’t see one, but searching is a trick… gotta pick the right keywords.

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