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  • How about an option to prefetch or pre-cache character data with a cron file or something, because I have noticed that it takes a while for the page to load when the cache needs to update and you have multiple character sheets on a page.

    Not suggesting permenantly pre-fetching data at all times, but at least have an option for those that wish to utilize it…

    I for one would love to be able to automatically grab the data for the players that my site displays all the time.

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  • Plugin Author avenirer


    Hello @hd226,

    The data is already cached. The loading should take a long time only the first time is loaded. That is, if you have a 12 hour cache, after 12 hours, the first visitor that visits your site would have to wait a bit for the data to be syncronized. Pre-fetching data would actually have the same result. A cron job seems an interesting idea. Will take a look into it. Thank you for your input

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