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  • Plugin Author Gabriel Gil


    I think I’m not understanding you idea, but I would love to hear from you again but being a little bit more precise.

    Thanks for your suggestions.

    The plugin could for example read the RSS feed, and post the content from the recent Bitbucket commits into a new post on the WordPress website.

    Up till now i use a syndication tool (FeedWordPress) to do this, however since it is not specifically build for this purpose (it more for syndication of news-articles) it is only semi-working, and the posts need some editing after syndication in order to look good.


    What i would be looking for in such a functionality:

    Post title = commitcode + first line of commitmessage
    – insert Link to Bitbucket commit
    – Post content & exerpt = commit message
    — read more —
    – Extended content = files changed over view
    – Optional: maybe the file-diff of the commit

    Any links in the original commit, should also be available in the wordpress post (Smart-commit links to Jira issues & file links to the changed files)

    For people that have different repo’s there should be the option to post the syndicated commits into a separate post category (for example see how it is setup on This could be done by filtering the posts in the rss-feed of a Bitbucket user/team, or maybe the option to watch several different rss-feeds, 1 for each repo (this last option should also catch commits unrelated to the specific Bitbucket user.

    Post date, should be commit-date&time

    Ability to run syndication on regular intervals for example with the use of cron.

    Here is a example of how such post could look like:

    So i hope this write-up makes it a little clearer what i had in mind. It’s just an idea that i think many people will be able to appreciate as there is currently not an existing solution that would not require manual intervention for each post. And it is just that, an idea, not a request.

    I realize this is a lot of work and slightly out of scope of what your plugin is currently doing, so i really do not mind if you decide not to take this onboard in your existing plugin. But i do think this would make your plugin the most complete WordPress-Bitbucket link available today.

    Plugin Author Gabriel Gil


    Wow. I love to hear all those ideas!

    I think that I can do it, hopefully for the next major release. but i still having to check how could I use the API and manage to get all this points.

    However, I’m going to add this issue to the GitHub repo, and take it into consideration while developing but if you’re not afraid, feel you free to create a for and start coding this feature on it 😉

    Thank you.

    I currently have my hands full with some other projects unfortunately otherwise i would be happy to help you out (or create a standalone plugin for that matter).

    Lets see how i stand in a few months though :p

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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