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  • Hey Jacob – not to be an AnythingSlider pest today (e.g., per the growing div height in earlier thread) but as i’m banging away on code this eve had additional thoughts that i thought i should share as fyi …

    re-ordering slides … your plugin (ver 0.6.2) has option to set an attribute order to a number … my test slide had four slides and if i set them 1-4 that seems to work … when i left the attribute set to default 0 for all slides the resulting slide order was a bit unpredictable … i wasn’t sure what drove the order if no set (e.g., default publish / revised date) so i started setting them 1 thru 4 and then changed order up a bit and all seemed to work …

    i’m also not certain what would happen if i left one or more set to zero but i digress …

    essentially plugin enhancement idea = would be cool if option to adjust slider order was part of plugin admin screen … currently when looking at slides admin screen, you have a table that shows slide title and date but would be cool to add slide order number and be able to reset those slide orders and save said setting at that screen … probably would have to also include corresponding categories selection too but ..??..

    second thought … jquery slider code … i remember the excitement when i first read Chris Coyier’s CSS Tricks post about said Anything slider availability and excitement again when announced you had merged said honored code into this cool plugin …

    i’m not a jQuery expert but when implementing sliders outside of WP, i found that CarouFredsel -> -> has been very roboust … thus was wondering if that jQuery code might be something to consider for your slider ..??..

    certainly your plugin rocks with WP admin, config settings, custom post types, shortcode, et al. and is awesome, but when i found myself earlier today with slider expanding div issue, i thought “hmmm… maybe the jQuery slider aspect could be improved but maybe he knows better or may he doesn’t know about caroufredesl or maybe he does and it is not worth it bla bla bla …”

    so in spirit of best of what i think i know, i thought i’d share just in case you said, “hmmm. double hmmm.” …

    to be continued … cordially, chuck scott

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  • Plugin Author Jacob Dubail


    Hey Chuck,

    Thanks for the note!

    I think I’ve used CarouFredSel once or twice, but always come back to the AnythingSlider. Maybe it’s loyalty to Chris, maybe it’s a better plugin, maybe I’m just dumb and don’t know what’s good for me… who knows. This plugin is really built around the AnythingSlider because I, for the past couple of years, had repeated the same steps over and over and over again on client sites. Setup CPT, setup a few metaboxes, setup…. you know the drill. I finally got around to learning how to build a plugin, and the AnythingSlider for WordPress plugin was born… slightly malformed, but born none the less… but I digress…

    Theoretically, slides should order themselves the same exact way that regular posts do when the “post order” attribute is not set. I think the only difference is that I’m querying the slides in an Ascending order, whereas I believe the default is Descending.

    I’m working on a way to get all Ajaxy with the slides. I want to be able to re-order them on a per slideshow basis in a Drag-n-Drop fashion. I also want to build a way to embed a slideshow without knowing the shortcode and all of its complex attributes. If you’ve used the Gravity Forms plugin, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

    Anyway, more improvements to come soon… or as soon as I figure out how to build them and get the time to do so!


    p.s. if you have any other ideas for the plugin, I’m all ears!

    Hi Jacob,

    One really awesome feature for an already really awesome plugin would be an option under “build arrows” that allowed the user to choose either both arrows (default) or right arrow only (so the slideshow could only be advanced in a forward direction).

    Best regards,


    Plugin Author Jacob Dubail



    Thanks for the request. I’ll pass it along to the jQuery devs working on the core plugin. That would be a cool feature.


    Plugin Contributor Mottie


    Mark & Jacob,

    You could get the arrows to hide when it is at either end by un-checking (turning it off) the infiniteSlides option and checking (turning it on) the stopAtEnd option.

    What the plugin does is adds a class name of “disabled” to the arrow which by default hides the arrow. WIth a simple change in the css, you can fade the arrow out or whatever you want to do.

    Here is a demo of it in action.

    Howdy Mottie!

    Kudos and thanks for the sweet tip – worked like a champ. Is there a way to implement your suggestion above and still be able to have it auto-rewind at the end of the slideshow?

    Best regards,


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