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    I´ve read that Google would like to help improving WordPress pagespeed score. As many pagespeed problems come from third party themes and plugins would it be very good having new rating option at every WordPress plugin / theme page: pagespeed impact.

    As nobody can messure it for all the different hosting environments this option should be similarly work as the option: works the current release: people should have the opportunity to rate it.

    I think this new option could thrive keeping pagespeed in mind when developing a plugin or theme.


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  • Moderator Andrew Nevins


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    Hi Ben,

    What would you say about plugins that already carry this functionality out? I may have misunderstood, but it sounded like you were saying because they are part of plugins they cannot be used to judge pagespeed.




    I know, that I can use plugin profiler etc. It´s not about measuring, but rating to visualize how well you can expect using a plugin before you´ve installed it.

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    I agree with you that a lot of themes and plugins are bloated and/or poorly written, and they cause sites to load slowly. But using Pagespeed scores as part of an “official” rating system is not a good solution.

    Pagespeed scores are dependent on many things other than plugins/themes: browser, location from server, server hardware, server software/configuration, WordPress configuration, etc. Besides, there are other sites (GTMetrix, Pingdom) that offer similar (and IMO better) page load scores/information. Why exclude them?

    If you want to rate a plugin/theme by including a Pagespeed score…great! Go for it. And that’s how it should be: up to the individual reviewer.



    No, my suggestion was not about any score, which is automatically calculated, but a new given category for rating. Till now you can write your review and give an overall rating. I think the reviews / ratings could benefit from different categories, which you can rate plus write a review text.

    I think there should be any GUI, which tells us more about the important infos, which I have to know for running a great website with WordPress.



    Here’s the problem…

    Page Speed – on which platform? With which plugins? With what WordPress version? With what OS and server software? With how many posts in the database? With what caching plugins? With what server-side caching? With… you get my point.

    Being realistic, there’s no possible way to say “this theme is faster then that one” because there’s just way to many variables that can very easily get in the way. Some themes work well with some plugins and not others. Other themes are great with the plugins that the first theme doesn’t like.

    And the worst thing about this is the users that run a site with 100 plugins (90 of which that they don’t need) on a free hosting service coming back and saying “your theme is supposed to be fast, but it’s just SO slow…” use this

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