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  • Hi,

    I’d love to see a menu item under Plugins for ‘Update plugins’ instead of having to go into plugins, then Update to see a list of them. I tend not to use the list of plugin updates under the dashboard due to timeouts I get, especially with Jetpack. Plus, if you do one at a time, it just takes you right back to the Plugins page which is kind of dumb.

    Considering how long it takes to load and all of the sites I administer, this would be a big time saver. I can’t imagine it’d take too much time to set this up, either.


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  • When I have plugins to update on all of the sites that I administer, there’s always an icon with a number in the top admin bar, and I can getto the updates page using the ‘Dashboard -> Updates’ menu item. Both of those are a single click, and right at the top where you’d look for them. Doing this through the Plugins menu is jsut adding extra steps that you don’t need to do.

    Thanks for chiming in.

    What I was saying was that I don’t use that section because:
    1) I don’t like to choose all of them at once due to timeout issues
    2) If you do one at a time, it doesn’t take you back to that page automatically, it gives you a link to the plugin page or the update page again (yet another step to take)

    All I’d like to see is a link under Plugins that says ‘Update plugins’ and it always stays on that page regardless of if you choose to update all or one at a time. The Dashboard/Updates would be fine if it would just stay on that page after you update one plugin at a time. Anything to avoid extra clicks to do what I need to. Make sense?

    1. If you don’t like to choose all updates because of timeout issues, your idea of choosing all seems… like it wouldn’t work either. There wouldn’t be any difference in the two approaches, so I’m not sure what would be achieved by that sort of change.

    2. If you do them one at a time, it does take you back to that page, but you do have to click the checkbox next to the plugins name and hit the update button. If you click into the plugins details to see the updates, that does take you to a different area where only that one is updated and you have to click back. The way you’re doing it is just extra clicks anyway.

    Basically what you want is the page that’s there now to do the updates on that page and not move away from it. That’s something that might be possible.

    Right, I never choose all at once regardless of what page I’m on.

    Sometimes I like to see what the update is about and do choose to look at that which is fine…I expect that to happen (another click to either update it on that page or go back).

    So yes, simply asking that updating plugins always stays on the same page. Easy.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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