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  • Until this morning I was a WP 1.2 user. I saw no real reason to move to 1.5 since I already had Kubrick and a ton of custom mods I didn’t want to redo. Well, it’s not that I *saw no reason,* I was simply happy with 1.2.

    This morning I decided to upgrade to 2.0 and had what I thought was a brilliant idea – instead of all that backing up, I’ll simply set up a fresh 2.0 install in it’s own directory – leave the old 1.2 working and *IMPORT* all the entries from one wordpress blog to another.

    Setting up the new blog took all of 45 seconds (I’m not even really exaggerating.) But now, I see there’s no “upgrade from WordPress” option – only MT, Textpattern, etc.

    Feature Request: It would be cool if there was an “import from WordPress” option.

    For now, I’ll just try the RSS option and see how that works. I’m sure it will be fine but it would be nice to keep things like – post passwords for protected posts, names of original posters in cases of multi-user blogs, etc.

    Whelp, I’ll give the RSS import a try and report back…


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  • I second this! People have wanting this (or something similar) for years, anmd yet there still hasn’t been a merge feature for two WP installations, and that’s terrible! We have everything we need but one feature you’d thnk would be cannon! XD

    export in mt format then import

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Merging two installations with posts and comments is nigh on impossible.

    As for ‘import’ ?
    Export the sql, import the sql. Easy.

    Needless to say, importing from RSS would not work. No comments – it only goes back a month. Ha!

    But later, I had the same realization as in podz post, simply export the sql from one, then import it into another.

    However, the WP1.2 db has 15 tables, the WP2.0 db has 10 tables.
    I know two were added by the StatTraq plugin but I can’t account for the other 3.

    Has anyone tried this successfully yet?
    I’m going to do a quick check to make sure all the db table fields line up first.

    Hopefully this will only take a few seconds. Thanks to everyone who responded…


    I’ve returned to this thread to warn you that it’s not as easy as it sounds to simply export the sql from a 1.2 install and import it into a 2.0 install. It can be done, but only if you’re a bit of a database wizard with grep skills. (For ex: you’ll get an error importing from the “posts” table because 2.0 does not have latitude and longitude fields – no matter that you never used them – you’ll still have to remove them from your insert commands to come out error free.

    Everything else imported (more or less) fine – it’s just the “posts” table that will give you grief. I’m not sure I want to risk hacking out the unused fields – too much important stuff in there.

    (Also, Categories has changed so that field one must be “uncategorized.” You’ll have to move your current category one to another position – and then grep your posts2cat to reflect this change. If you don’t know what you’re doing – your final posts will be crossposted into the wrong categories.

    Massive PITA.
    I guess I’ll go through the upgrading from 1.2 to 1.5 and then from 1.5 to 2.0.
    It’s too bad the fine wordpress geniuses couldn’t have automated this somehow. Aren’t there millions of us still using 1.2??


    With all due respect, kato, in your OP you described clearly that instead of following the instructions for update you had this “brilliant” idea of doing it in your way…

    Do you wonder?

    I think it would have been much more painless just going through two simple upgrade processes.

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