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  • Hello,
    There is a useful plugin called “Resize at Upload Plus” which does what it says. But installing this plugin means that not only do you have to specify image sizes in the core WP settings for large size but also in the “Resize at Upload Plus” settings. So duplicate settings requirements and a plugin installation if you want this functionality.

    My suggestion is that you include as part of the core WP Media settings a check box which if ticked, will resize the uploaded image to be the size as specified by the parameters in the Large Media setting.

    This has several benefits.

    The main one is that it saves a lot of disk space on the server, especially because non pc literate users will just upload full camera size images at maybe 2000 pixels width which are way bigger than required for display. So there would usually be a creation step for the media large size file anyway so no server processing overhead in doing this and a big saving in server disk space.

    Also means you can default to picking full image size to display for normal use which makes selecting image disply options as you upload slightly more intuitive.

    One less plugin to install if you are trying to save server disc space.

    No need to keep two sets of image size parameters in sync as you would if using a plugin.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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