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  • Hello,

    Using the newest version of your awesome theme, I would like to come up with a suggestion. This is not a help request, but please let me know when you have seen the post so that I can mark it as solved 🙂

    When I use WordPress on a small screen, I now get text next to the menus. This is (almost) a great change! However, with for example my WordPress site (screenshot below), which is in Norwegian, the text is kinda messy.

    When creating menus in WordPress, one has to give them a name. My suggestion would be that the theme brings these names instead of the “Primary Menu” and “Secondary Menu”. This way, the users can easily choose their own name for the menus.

    Except from that, you have a great theme which I enjoy using. Thank you!

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  • You can change the names of the menus by editing the menu/primary.php and menu/secondary.php files. Personally, I wanted no text label next to the menu icons, so I deleted the text labels inside quotations in those files. If you want to rename them, you could put your own text inside the quotations.

    I added my edited files to my child theme, within a ‘menu’ folder.

    My coding skills are pretty basic, so if there’s a better way to do this I’m all ears.

    Exactly, and that’s my point. Right now you have to edit the text files, where the default names are “primary menu” and “secondary menu”. In WordPress, you can give your menus their own name. What I am suggesting is that they use this name instead, to make it easier for the user.

    Ok, and I agree with you, except in my case I wanted no text label. I have yet to see labeled mobile menu icons anywhere else. Have you?

    Sorry, no. I haven’t.

    Theme Author Justin Tadlock


    WordPress God

    Thanks for the feedback. Using the user-created menu name is on my list of things to do.

    As to “why” the theme uses a label, this is because there are multiple menus. This is sometimes a design choice when multiple menus are in place. When there’s only a single menu, it makes more sense to not label it.

    One thing I’m considering is showing the label on larger mobile screens like tablets but hiding it on smaller screens like phones.

    I really enjoy having the menu names even on smaller screen, especially now that I have renamed them.

    Why does the theme show the two graphics for the menu when only one is activated?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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