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  • Just an small idea for uploading media from the Media > Add New-screen that has always confused me just the tiniest.

    Current screen:

    I drag-n-drop 2 images. This is sweet and very smooth. But when they are done the appearance of the “Save all changes” directly makes me think “Ok, the upload is not done, I need to click here to save the images/configurations”.

    So, my idea here is to only show this button after you’ve edited anything with the images – not before. Instead show the text “Upload done” in green or something affirming you are finished with uploading. Some extra text about “Go to the gallery to change settings for each image/attachment, or edit them right here” which will guide first time users to the next step.

    Also, the “Show”-link makes me think this opens up a new window directly to the image. “Show settings” would be more appropriate, no?

    And lastly, the text “After a file has been uploaded …” could be removed with these other changes.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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