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  • I really like this powerful plugin – so many features that make it easy to create diffenrent lists. Thanks a lot for this!

    May I suggest one more feature?

    If there was a “group_by” option, it would be easy to make glossary post lists grouped by subcategories, which I haven’t worked out to make with the existing options.

    Also it might be possible to group by alphabet (e.g. first letter of post title), which is something, that people ask for – for example to generate glossary lists.

    Again thanks for your great work!
    Best regards,

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  • I need the same thing. I’m trying to list posts from one category in alphabetical order on one page. But I only want alphabetical order for letters a through e. On another page, I want to list posts from one category alphabetically, for letters f through m, and so on.

    I tried adding a tag to each post using the letters A, B, C, etc. Then used the shortcode

    [catlist name=Question tags=A order=asc numberposts=-1]

    Initially this worked, listed only those posts in the category tagged A – but then suddenly stopped returning results for anything.

    Tried “starting_with” feature – but I don’t seem to know how to make this work either. Any help would be appreciated. tx

    Many thanks for the .65 update over the weekend. Since updating, using tags=”a” is working and it is now sorting ASC correctly.

    Only problem the same code for tags=”c” will not call up any post tagged with a “c”.

    I used this code.

    [catlist id=1342 tags=”a” numberposts=-1]
    B: (there are no B posts)
    [catlist id=1342 tags=”b” numberposts=-1]

    Only the “A” posts show. Nothing shows under “C”.

    Can the shortcode be used twice on the same page? What am I doing wrong? I don’t know why it works for the “a”s but not for the “c”s.

    I tried using the “starting_with” feature, but did not know exactly how / where to put it in the code. I could not make it work. That’s why I went back and edited my posts, adding the alphabet tags “a”, “b”, “c” etc.

    Sorry – my fault, obviously typed the code incorrectly (“b” instead of calling for “c” posts.) Now calling all the posts for those letters on the same page! Great! Many thanks.

    Only problem, it alphabetizes the “A”s this way:


    I’m afraid to add order=ASC back into the shortcode, but will try it.

    Sorry for all the questions. Obviously I’m a rookie.

    Sorting by tags in one category is working well. But alphabetizing is not. It appears to alphabetize posts from one specific day as one group. If more posts are added to that category on a different date, they are alphabetized as a second group. So the whole list of A topics are not correctly alphabetized. i.e.

    Allergies (post dated 9/28)
    Accommodations (post dated 9/27)
    Aides (post dated 9/27)
    Advocacy (post dated 9/23)

    Consent (post dated 9/28)
    Child Find (post dated 9/28)
    Classification (post dated 9/27)
    Child Find (post dated 9/24)

    Can I put something in the shortcode that tells it to ignore the date of the post, and just alphabetize ALL tags=”a” (or tags=”c” etc.) as one group, regardless of date posted?

    Plugin Author Fernando Briano


    Sorry I can’t test it right now, but did you try using orderby=title?

    Oh my gosh – so embarrassingly simple! I’d tried so many combinations, just couldn’t get it right.

    [catlist id=1342 tags=”a” orderby=title order=ASC numberposts=-1]

    Works perfectly. Many, many thanks!

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