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  1. secmast
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Cystat is a good embedded statistical tool and thank to make this possible.
    However if all of the visit are logged there is a small annoying problem.
    My blog is visited several time a day by bot trying to post on the guestbookl.php page which does not exist on wordpress.
    Of course we all know this is due to Spam and this is good that the guestbook is not an option.
    The problem is that I have those 404 error reported to my stats page and this is more or less noise into my stats.
    I liked to have the 404 error reported but I would like to have the possibility to choose which one.
    My suggestion is to be able to filter what we want to be reported instead having everything.

  2. cywhale
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Do you want just filtering the displayed Statistics or the database counts?

    One reason I developed cystats is to check for bad boys, tools and robots in order to get their id or user agent string using those to block them via .htaccess. The robots actually request that page and cause a real hit, so cystats should count and display them.

    Maybe I'll implement a optional user_agent based filter for the statistics display later on.

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