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  • jimjim01



    I’m using Piwik & WP Piwik for sime time now. Both are great tools to get an impression of what’s going on with your visitors. I’ve also got some ideas of what to improve / change based on my user experience and would like to share them here.

    1. Change the way the 30-day trend line is calculated:
      The trendline is currently calculated taking into account the visit count on all of the last 30 days including today. This results in a trend which changes every minute of today as more and more visitors come by until 12 o’clock at night. That means exactly midnight is the only time of day the trend is correct. Every second before, it accounts for too few visitors for today.
      I would suggest two alternatives to correct for this: Either exclude visitor data for today from the trend calculation and just extrapolate based on the 29 preceding days. Or account for today based on a scaled visitor estimate (estim. visitors = current visitors / time of day * 24 h).
    2. A legend is missing from the dashboard widget:
      There is a total of four trends / lines plotted in the graph, but no explanation of what they represent. Yes, it’s in the documentation and yes, it can be inferred from the data below the plot. Nonetheless, a simple legend would make it clear immediately.
    3. The design of the dashboard wigdet (color scheme, font size, line styles) is not in line with the design of the (default) WordPress theme:
      I’m not a graphical designer, but wordpress just uses different main colors (primarily more saturated blues) and the widget looks a bit different from the usual WP design elements. Maybe there’s something to gain in getting it more in line with the WP style.

    I hope this is the right place to post. None of the mentioned suggestions are critical bugs and I get it that there may be more important things at hand than changing the color scheme. However, I would appreciate if you found the time to look into this and hope that it helps make WP Piwik even more popular.

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  • Plugin Author braekling


    Hi @jimhim01,

    thanks for your suggestions! I will have a closer look at them and take them into consideration for the next update.

    Best regards

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