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  • Hi everyone.

    I got some problems + suggestions with/for (event-)calendars:

    * NAME: WP-Cal
    * WHAT: Here is one, that got all functions you need for (e.g.) an intranet for a small company:
    * WHERE:
    * WHAT´s GOOD: In a single page; Not connected to posts or categories
    * WHY NOT: script got large problems with call_init functions and need loads of hardcoding in your template; No support; can´t get it to work/show up like nearly everybody else; You have to read all codes, the ‘support’-forum and the description > you´re lost

    * NAME: Calendar
    * WHAT: nice event-calendar for Sidebar
    * WHERE:
    * WHAT´s GOOD: perfect color adjustable colors in backend; Nice look – clean, simple; Mouse-Over Display of event
    * WHY NOT: No external css-script; Hard to fit to template… somethings crapy with getting correct width, z-index and so on… and i´m no programmer; No support; Can´t add to single Page

    * NAME: Event Calendar !Widget!
    * WHAT: Septerate Event and Calendar Output in Sidebar-Widget
    * WHERE:
    * What´s GOOD: Widget; seperate Widget for Events and Calendar; CSS-File
    * WHY NOT: Not fully integrated Widget-Support at WordPress 2.2+; pretty confuse PlugIn Structure


    So here comes the question: Anyone able to create a Widget, that can
    * be integrated in Sidebar as Widget
    * in Posts or Pages via a call function
    * Css-edit via Css-File + Hex-Tables in Backend
    * give some support or make a good documentation

    What it really should do:
    * Add forecoming Events for even other years
    * Weekend/Week Structure
    * Seperate Event and Calendar Output


    I have to finish my project within the next two days, so that´s no question like ‘can you do this for me’. I just often see a need for such a thing at many people. If you want to develop feel free to provie such a (brilliant) sollution 😉

    Everyone else: Please post your needs in here, so developers can read what the community needs in detail. I just made the base.

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  • Update: For everyone trying to get Event-Calendar (#3) to run under WP 2.2.2 it´s only possible if you hardcode the code (given in your WP-Admin/Options-Page!) in your sidebar. Widget won´t display fully. Plus: If you´re using Tiger-Style AdminCss you can´t add Events.

    I don’t quite understand how you get this to work.
    When i try to integrate this into my theme running on wordpress 2.2.2, it will give me 404 error for the future events. Plus, the Ajax calender does nor work either.
    Please let me know how did you get it to work. Seems like Alex is no longer writing anything for the Event Calender 3 nowadays

    Hi Mouseadmiral,
    I run 4 wp 2.2.2 and 2 2.2.3 installations at the moment with lot of plugins. sometimes (more mostly) there´s one plugin causing the problems. it´s same with your workstation: unplug everything (deactivate plugins) and then look for the problem. if you still got it, then hte plugin is the problem… 😀

    Did you create Future Events? Or are you just trying to look forward in the calender? I got a problem with that function. But it seems that you haven´t defined a future event = 404 error? AND: Forget the Widget. Hardcode is your only chance… sorry.

    Kaiiser, i finally got the Event Calender 3 calender working on the website. The ajax needed wp_head() function and the theme i was using was not calling it in the header. However it works fine , but the only draw back is that the css that comes with it is not w3c valid. I think that needs to be worked on in future.

    I am using EventCalendar 3. Is it possible to make an event on the
    calendar without having to make a blog post? I tried to make one with
    a private post so that no one would see it but the event didn’t pop up
    on the calendar. I’m inputting all the information correctly but it
    just doesn’t seem to work.

    Also I am getting the error “Cannot load widgets/widgets.php” – what
    does this mean?

    I’d appreciate a step-by-step solution to both of these issues. Thanks!

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