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  • Some people I’ve helped with WordPress have found the backend interface confusing because they had someone else (like a web designer) install a lot of plugins and so their menu is really crowded. One of the sites I write for has over 40 plugins and even though I know the WordPress backend well, I often struggle to find Posts, Settings, etc., in the sea of additional menus.

    I was thinking it would be useful if menu items that were added by plugins were a slightly different color, so they would be set apart from the standard menu items. For example the plugin men background color could be 10-20% lighter than the default menu background, and theme-related menu items could be 10-20% darker. Just so the standard menu items pop out from the rest.

    I think this would help with the confusion people sometimes have that makes them feel overwhelmed.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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