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    Hey you should add an option to BLOCK visits from people with adblock! Or simply create a NEW plugin that does this…
    The plugin should open a popup message to users with adblock installed and give them a customizable message such as (Please disable your adblock browser plugin if you want to view the content of this site).
    Add options to the plugin for time expiration of the popup message and of course add the option for totally disabling the time. (The popup will keep showing up until the visitors disabled adblock).
    Add the option to customize the SIZE of the popup in pixels and to be sticky (if the user scrolls down the popup to follow) or not.
    Add the option to add a background image.
    And make the rest of the screen opaque (user customizable) where the popup is not present in case of smaller resolution of the popup.
    And the last option… Messages like Yes (yes = refresh of the page) and No (no = leave the page to a custom set url).

    There are SOME plugins that claim to block adblock visitors but none really work because most of them haven’t been updated in months, years…

    Can you do this?


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  • Plugin Author Thomas Maier


    technically, I could do this
    I personally aim on some friendlier methods than blocking the view on the page. Anyway, I already thought about this and think I have found a solution similar to your problem and also connected to statistics.

    Developing this takes more time and I am only going to start this as a plugin if others ask too. So please comment. If you comment, please also tell me which other plugins you tried and why none of them worked.

    Well if you actually search for “adblock” in the plugins directory, you will find only 4 plugins that actually claim to block adblock visitors:
    1 – dSero Anti AdBlock for Google AdSense
    2 – Adblock blocker
    3 – No Adblock
    4 – WordPress AdBlock Blocker

    Plugins number 3 and 4 haven’t been updated since 2012… and none of them really works. I’ve personally tested both, I’ve installed adblock in Chrome, then visited the page… nothing happens.
    dSero needs an account, it’s strange, it’s not really what I’m looking for.

    And there’s only one plugin which actually works. Plugin number 2, Adblock blocker. I’ve tested it and IT WORKS but it has a big X to close the popup message and no option to remove that is given.
    Also if you click anywhere outside the popoup message, the message closes…

    That’s definitely not what I need. I need a message that will stay there until the visitor disables his adblock. Otherwise he can’t see the content… I think that’s pretty cool. I looked through the code of Adblock blocker plugin but I’m no expert, I haven’t found a way to make it the way I want to.

    I doubt there’s gonna be much demand in this from other people so if that’s the only thing which will motivate you to make this plugin then :((

    Maybe you will make it though and maybe it will be successful since it will be the FIRST and ONLY plugin to do that. Virtually you’ll have no competition 😉


    Plugin Author Thomas Maier


    I took your idea and created a tutorial on how to use BlockAlyzer to do whatever you like with visitors using an ad filter.

    Have a look at

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