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  1. pubwvj
    Posted 6 years ago #

    In WP3 the email I get for comments to be moderated has a link set:

    Approve it: http://xx
    Trash it: http://xy
    Spam it: http://xz

    Unfortunately the "Approve it" link takes me to a page where I then have to repeat the approval by confirming it. This takes about 20 seconds. This is a waste of time. I already carefully clicked the link to approve. I don't make mistakes and even if I did the fix would be easy, not like this is mission critical launching of nuclear missiles...

    It was explained to me that some people might accidentally click approve when they didn't mean to so might I make the suggestion to change the links to:

    Approve it: http://xx
    Trash it: http://xy
    Spam it: http://xz
    ---separating line to stop accidental clickers
    Approve it WITHOUT confirmation because I am really sure: http://xw

    Earlier versions of WP which I currently used did allow one click approval which was quite nice. In all the years I have used it I never, ever accidentally clicked the wrong link. Had I done so it would have been easy to fix the problem at the blog level interface so no harm done.

    This would save the wasted time that is going to amount to billions of wasted hours and gigawatts of power which could tip the balance of global warming if we fail to fix this issue... :)

    Hmm... Let's see, with my existing WP blog I have >10,000 comments approved at the timing of 20 seconds each = 55 hours of time saved by NOT having a confirmation over these years just on my blog alone. That time was given to me to do other more interesting things in my life... Spend time with my children, walk in the woods, read a lot of good books, post more on my blog, love my wife. Multiply this times the number of bloggers on WP and this savings gets massive.

  2. Why not click the link to go to review all the comments and use the check boxes if you have multiple comments?

    Also, why not put some commenters on a white-list so you don't need to approve them?

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