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    one of the great addon for this plugin will be support for qtranslate x and WPML.
    many of users use multi language plugins and this support is must have.
    it can be done by:

    where we need to use this?
    1. success message
    2. set for each Language the datepicker language
    3. all notifications

    untitled restaurant reservations don’t have native support for this i need your help to:

    change datepicker Language by code

    so i can change datepicker Language like:

    if ( qtranxf_getLanguage() == 'en' ) {
    	//change datepicker to EN


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  • Hi igornn,

    I’ve been working with the WPML people to improve support. This work has produced the following wpml-config.xml file. Download that and upload the .xml file to your /wp-content/plugins/restaurant-reservations/ directory.

    You should then be able to set custom values in the WPML panels somewhere — I think the String Localization area. You can set custom success messages, booking page IDs, notification emails, etc.

    If you use the standard country/language codes (en_EN, es_ES, etc), the date and time picker language should automatically load the correct file (if it has a translation file for your language). For this to work, you’ll need to set the language value to the empty option. Setting a specific language will override this behaviour.

    any solution for qtranslate-x?

    Hi igornn,

    No, sorry, I don’t have any solution for qTranslate. I’ll probably only try to maintain support for one translation solution, WPML, simply because it’s already quite a lot of work.

    I believe Polylang, another free translation plugin, can make use of a wpml-config.xml file. You could try that one.

    i can make this work with qtranslate
    i need to know how can i check witch Language set in Restaurant Reservations admin in the Language field

    then if i need to change to another Language i will do it by code

    the same with success message,

    get the “success message” and return new one


    Hi igornn,

    Can you elaborate a bit? I’m not sure what you’re asking for here. The “language” option under Bookings > Settings is only ever applied to the JavaScript date/time picker. The rest of the plugin uses the language option set in WordPress.

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