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  • Plugin Author Frankie Jarrett


    Hi Morktron! Thanks for the suggestion.

    What specifically would you think would be helpful to track? Like when a backup has taken place, or when a restore from backup has be performed? Just wanting to get some more details on what you are envisioning.


    Hi, thanks for getting back to me, much appreciated 🙂

    I guess the most important thing to me at least would be to know who made the backup. Since if it was the client did it, then I wouldn’t know why they made a backup and I wouldn’t have a local copy of it.

    I like to keep notes about each backup and a local copy just in case.

    Knowing when a backup was made would be a useful bonus to see in the stream, but not essential since the info is already in Backup Buddy. Likewise with a restore – but a client is highly unlikely to attempt that anyway.

    Which gives me an idea of a really usefull possible feature – to add notes to Stream events and the ability to add manual events to the stream. Such as changes to a graphics file.

    Anyway, thanks again and keep up the great work!

    Plugin Author Frankie Jarrett


    Excellent! Thanks for the valuable information and ideas.

    Also, you might be pleased to know that edits to images in the Media Library are tracked in Stream.

    aha splendid, good to know, thanks 🙂

    I was thinking in particular for changes done outside admin such as ftp upload of a new image to the theme or similar tasks.

    Plugin Author Frankie Jarrett


    That’s an interesting idea for sure, but not possible with Stream because that’s a file system operation outside of WordPress and to monitor file system changes would require a lot of heavy lifting, especially since every server is different.

    Stream “listens” to hooks being fired inside WordPress and logs those as admin activity, that’s the premise and basic idea of the plugin anyway.

    These kind of file system actions could perhaps be visible in a server log, depending on your host.

    ok yes, no worries, that makes sense – but maybe a manual way to add those things would be good. At the moment I keep it on a Google Doc for each project, because as you point out not all things can be automated.

    Stream is a big step forward though!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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