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    Just add them to the case sensitive noise list.

    The whole basis of the plugin is that the English language uses acronyms and words like CIA, FBI, NSA, GCHQ that are all capitals, and short, to signify importance.

    You may pay me for the development work if you so wish to change the code for you if you cannot manage it yourself.

    Thanks for reply but I think users cannot know how many file extension and have not extension list to add.
    CIA, FBI, NSA, VN, US, UK… are not useful for tags

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    Sorry I have no idea what you are saying?

    CIA, FBI, NSA are very useful for tags in news based websites – the whole reason I wrote the plugin was for a news site.

    Also ACROYNMS are also useful for technological based sites e.g C+, PHP, ASP, NET, WEB, JAVA etc.

    And multiple capitalised words identify names like Malcom King Junior or companies like The Federal Reserve or other new newsworthy terms that won’t be in 3rd party API dictionary lists at the time of writing.

    E.G if someone called Jack Williamson Junior killed 3 people and was nationwide news that night, and you imported an article mentioning his name multiple times my plugin would pick the name up and use it for a new tag whilst 3rd party API’s would have to wait for the name to be added to their database of relevant words/names.

    The whole point of the plugin is to find new words without looking them up by using 3rd party API’s and wasting HTTP traffic.

    The only way you can do that is by either building a tag list first and turning off auto-discovery or reading the ReadMe.txt file which describes the whole point of the plugin and the types of words it will auto-discover which are obviously only going to be simple methods such as identifying Acronyms, Names, countries and other series of capitalised words.

    If that doesn’t meet your needs then you shouldn’t be using the plugin and you should swap to one that makes lots of HTTP requests to discovery relevancy and new tags to use.

    My site use bbcode.
    All links/images with .com .net … will be known as tag “com” “net” and auto insert:
    <strong class=’StrictlyAutoTagBold’>com
    <strong class=’StrictlyAutoTagBold’>net
    It hurst article format. Now I add com, net as noise word but old posts with <strong class=’StrictlyAutoTagBold’>com was not removed
    I think need to default set limitation from 5 chars because we have .info
    New users unknow this so may husrt their site

    My site have lot of aticles with string “2013”
    It auto inset tag “013” and replace all “2013” to “013” in bold lost “2”
    All picture with url have string same tag will not be shown.
    ex: .com tag
    [img][/img] will be changed to:
    [img]http://image_hosting.<strong class='StrictlyAutoTagBold'>com</strong>/picture.jpg[/img]

    ex: FBI tag
    [url][/url] will be changed to:
    [url]http://<strong class='StrictlyAutoTagBold'>fbi</strong>.gov[/url]

    I think only add tags, dont auto insert anything such as <strong class='StrictlyAutoTagBold'></strong>

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    Well thats because you use BB code. You shouldn’t be using this plugin.

    The latest plugin version stores href/src/alt/title attributes in an array so that those values cannot be tagged then replaced afterwards.

    However because you are using BB code this cannot be done.

    You should use a different plugin.

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