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  • Hi,

    I tried the plugin and found it a bit confusing TBH.

    When I put the plugin’s block into a page, the block does not allow selecting any posts.

    Ok, so I thought maybe I need to set something up in Settings but that was not the case.

    Then I had to go to your documentation.

    There it says:

    To find the plugin for the first time you’ll have to click on the three dots in the top right of the screen and click on Custom Related Posts in the Plugins section:

    So my suggestion would be to display the post selection window in the block properties window, not under the 3 dots menu.

    I realize it is hard to code in Blocks so maybe this is not an option?

    But also I am a little confused about how things work after the “first time” because even if I have found the plugin under the 3 dots menu, in subsequent edits I have to do the same. Not just the first time.

    Also I dont see a way to delete a related post at the moment. Please help with this.

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  • Plugin Author Brecht


    It can’t be a block property because you don’t necessarily have to add a CRP block to use the plugin. You can have the related posts showing up in a widget or the theme code directly as well. In those cases you’d still need to be able to edit the related posts.

    You can pin the related posts plugin to the toolbar for easier access.

    It should show a trash can icon under “Relations” that you can click on to remove a related posts.

    Thread Starter wpfan1000


    Bedankt (NL)/veel dank(BE) for the very quick and helpful support.

    I now understand why you centralized the plugin controls under the 3 dot menu in Block editor.

    Given that, I would still suggest that if a CRP block is selected, that the plugin controls are shown in the block properties window and not under the 3 dot menu. Because basically when a user clicks the 3 dot menu, the settings are displayed in the same area of the editor as block properties.

    Again though, I realize block coding is hard and this may not even be possible.

    Regarding deleting a link – I am sorry I did not see the trash can – it is quite obvious lol.

    If you would still like to comment about whether this plugin uses a lot less db queries compared to a related plugin that searches for posts on each post load, that would be appreciated.

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