• Hi guys!

    As always, thank you for a great plugin. I really feel that you guys are listening to the users. You have added several of my recent suggestions. 🙂

    I have some suggestions for coming versions:

    1. It’d bee nice to be able to make the newly created shift available for pickup in the same procedure as when you are crating the shift. It’s also important that it triggers the new pickup shift created e-mail notifications. I’ve provided a picture in a support request on you official site. It could be next to the “Skip notifications” check box.

    2. Front end shortcode for the employee to display everything under Profile so the employees don’t need to go to the backend.

    3. WordPress user add/edit link from the administrators front end menu would be greate to not redirect to the backend but rather to a frontend version of it in order to completely avoid the backend as shiftadministrator.

    4. An option to be able to show the week number on the month view would be awesome!

    5. Administration -> Employees -> Edit. Would be nice to be able to edit the calenders the user is a member of. Just like you can do when you add en employee.

    6. In the backend when adding a shift you find the Skip Notifications checkbox. That is not found in the frontend when adding a shift. Would be great to have both the Skip Notifications check box and the one i request nr 1 on the frontend.

    What do you think?

    As always! Thank you for a great plugin.


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