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  • Do you have some documentation of a video somewhere that explains the workflow for the Pro version?

    I’ve got it set up and I get the notification emails OK. What I should do next isn’t immediately obvious?

    I saw another thread here where admin got en email like a comment notification email which had links to approve/trash/spam the comment/feedback – is this for the standard version of the plugin or is this an older implementation of the pro plugin?

    My current notification emails just point me back to the individual feedback in the backend.

    I can see the new feedbacks come in into the admin area under usernoise and they initially have the status ‘new’. I can see the senders email address OK, so do I have to use an email client to respond direct to the sender?

    Can you then explain the other statuses? If I set it to ‘planned’ then hit ‘reviewed’ button how is that different to setting it to ‘done’ and then hitting ‘reviewed’.?

    To then also show my reply to the sender right panel of the feedback form itself as a comment on their feedback, do I have to fill in my reply there and then in the feedback form itself? I.e. Do I have to reply once in email software and the second time in the form itself on the front-end to respond to a feedback?

    Sorry for the questions – I just want to get fully in control of this excellent plugin.

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