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    WordPress for each photo has a defined 3 times، Woocommrence has its own photo settings.
    The question is when you upload a photo،WordPress and Woocommers with theme save the photo in different sizes، And that puts a lot of pressure on the server for changes.
    In addition, large amounts of code are generated in the database for each photo.
    And this will force a lot of requests to the server.(High volume of metadata that must be transferred from the database to the visitor)
    Many of these photo modes are not used at all, By deleting the photo this information will remain on the server، And it makes the database search slower.
    For example, a photo is used for a WordPress blog, But this photo is not used for Woocommrce، But resizing Woocommr will cause it.
    This will require a lot of space for the photo.
    The skins have their own settings for photos, They make the least use of WordPress settings, They use less Woocommrce settings.
    No photo updates were seen in WordPress or Woocommrce, Many visitors have migrated from computer to mobile, Do you really need all this photo change?
    A regular size photo can easily be any size with a few lines of code.
    This means lower code, less pressure on the server.
    This means that WordPress faster.
    W3.CSS It has unique solutions.
    Another reason for the suggestion is that the magic plugin is not active on many servers.
    This is my personal experience, 120 photos, which is 13 MB.
    But after uploading the WordPress & Woocommrce 200 to 400 MB increases,Too many photos.

    I hope this proposal is taken seriously.
    Ask users and servers about this.

    Thanks to the WordPress team

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  • there was a plugin (now abandoned) that make WordPress only generate thumbnails when requested. It greatly save the number of useless thumbnails generated (and disk space).

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    Hi @lcf
    Your answer is wrong
    This is the problem with starting WordPress.
    It is best to read in full before answering.
    This review is a basic WordPress.
    Many of you dear ones only see installation and use, But when checking on server or background, Pressure is seen on the server.
    Because everything is in the background.
    The fact is that Woocommrce and WordPress have not reached an agreement on this.
    That’s why plugins are making a mistake, Some plugins, for example, rebuild photos with a new name, They fill both space and ruin SEO.
    Hopefully this comes to a centralized conclusion in WordPress.
    New ways have always been seen in WordPress as a pioneer.
    User comments are sent for this
    Good health and success

    it was not an answer. It was a “for your information”. I understand the WordPress image issue. Peace.

    The main issue that I see is with storage and the speed of the upload process. If you have a site with many images, the bloat can be troublesome. It also means that when you port a site, you need to manage much more files than are necessary which creates inefficiencies.

    The solution I see is to resize images on demand. Thumbnail generation could be triggered when a user adds it to the content, or when a template requests it. If the image is not present, the required size thumbnail would be generated.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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