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  • My site currently has 50 menus under “appearance”. I expect to add more menus in the future. In this situation, the wordpress menu admin is not good enough. Navigating between menus and adding a new menu is difficult and you have to keep clicking on the top menu navigation slider.

    I suggest 2 improvements to the menu admin area.
    1. A separate button (not part of the top slider) to click “Create new menu”.
    2. A drop down menu to navigate through existing menus.

    Keep up the good work

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  • esmi


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    50 menus?! Do you think that perhaps you need to re-think your site architecture?

    No. For wordpress to be a real CMS it has to allow for larger sites with many posts, categories and menus to use wordpress. This is a simple change that can make it much easier for sites that use many menus.



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    I’m sorry but fifty custom menus in a single site hints at a far deeper issue in the site’s organisation.

    Don’t be sorry. This is not a personal issue. With simpe changes, wordpress can make it easier for sites with many menus.



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    So why not submit a patch? Or write a plugin? The latter, if possible as most users have no need of so many menus or a system that is designed to hold them.

    I can’t write code so I will not submit a patch. I think it is a small change that should be part of core if wordpress is looking to scale. I feel the issue could have been avoided with a simpler interface than what is currently in core. The current menu system was imported from Woo themes and it does not have the simplicity of the rest of core. Why does the top menu keep moving? The interface should be brought in line with the rest of the admin panel.

    It’s on the to-do list, and waiting for someone to be struck by inspiration and ability.

    In the meantime, some usability guides for you 🙂

    Big menus CAN work, but you have to structure them very carefully.

    Hi. Thanks for this. My situation is different. I have 400 categories. Each category page is a “site” with its own unique menu (as a widget). In this architecture I need many menus, and the current system is very difficult to use. These are not mega menus or drop down menus. Just simple 3 links menus. Finding the menu I want to edit and creating a new menu are not easy tasks as they should be. I hope you will find a way to improve this. Thanks for the response.

    Yeah, I know you from your other post.

    It’s being improved slowly, but unless you know how to code it, you have to be patient.

    I reached 48 menus and the plus sign disappeared. It seems I cannot more menus. Any suggestion how to solve this? I need to be able to keep creating menus.

    Not at the moment.

    The only workaround would be to edit the code manualy (i.e. hard code them into your theme instead of using the interface)

    I am using the menus as widgets. Many categories have their own menu. I will change from using the menus to using links as widgets. It seems that there are less issues with links and link categories. No upper limit, right?

    I’d probably obviate the ‘extra’ tools and if you’re using them as widgets, just make a text widget and put the lists in there manually.

    Less of a change to blow things up 🙂

    The sad thing is that behind the scenes it IS a drop down menu which works much better than the current horizontal tab layout. Simply dropping that horizontal tab JavaScript would be a great solution as I don’t see any reason for it other than to look nice.

    Another major drawback with the horizontal layout is that if you happen to have a menu with a long name “Power Equipment Sub-Navigation” you can see maybe 2 total menus at a time when the page loads. The dropdown has none of the problems listed that go along with the animated scrolling version currently in place.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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