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  • Leo Blanchette


    Dare I ask a subjective question? I know I’m asking for trouble…but its important enough to try to get some help here –

    I’ve just created a theme for stock photographers to sell images. These people need it simple—they can’t be constantly checking memory settings, researching hosting capabilities…etc.

    So as a theme creator who actually cares about customers, I’m asking for the sole purpose of saving many people many headaches!

    For a theme which does some heavy image crunching, downloads, uploads, and many many pages (thousands and thousands), I simply need a decent list of capable hosts. Especially in image processing/storage.

    I only need a nice reasonable list. Gonna provide it right on the theme website. If this thread is doomed to be locked, at least transfer it somewhere productive for answers instead.

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  • Sorry, but per the forum rules, we close threads on this subject – as they attract too much spam. The official recommended hosts page is here:

    As to whether they would meet your needs, you need to do your own research – there’s lots of information on this topic available.

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