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    Great plugin, thanks for your work on this.
    I use Avada theme a lot – a very popular “framework” – but it is too big to be just a theme so it comes as a theme and two plugins.
    When Easy Update manager runs it updates the theme, which then needs the plugins updating which leaves it in an odd half-way house state for some time until the next update runs.
    Is there any way there could be an option to do the updates then check one more time for updates immediately to catch things like this situation?
    I’ve seen things like this on other plugins that when a update comes in it “enables” another update.
    A big ask, but this odd plugin/theme behaviour could cause problems for some people or make it impossible to use your excellent plugin. Thanks, G

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  • Plugin Author David Anderson



    Can you explain further…. why is it that the plugin update doesn’t show as available until after the theme has been updated?


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    Hi David,

    Thanks for replying. Yes, it’s a weird one isn’t it.

    The Avada theme (claiming to be the #1 selling WordPress theme, so it’s popular)

    Is so big (they say) that they have to have the “Theme” as a theme and two plugins with “required” functionality.

    What happens when they update is that it only shows the Theme as needing updating. Only after you have updated that the updated theme decides that its “essential” plugins need to be updated as well and then, and only then, they show up as updates in the WordPress update list.

    Hence to update the “theme” you have to update the theme then update the “required” plugins afterwards.

    Maybe they view it safer if the theme updates and then the plugins that are needed for it update afterwards. Maybe updating the plugins first would break the theme, hence why they decided to do it that way?

    I appreciate it is all a bit odd and very theme specific (albeit it a popular theme). I think I’ve seen the odd update in the past when an update to WordPress made another update to a plugin suddenly appear (a patch/fix for that WordPress release?)

    A solution (just an idea – and easy for me to say) might be an option to “double check” for updates. So do what you do now but – if enabled – then schedule to repeat a couple of minutes afterward. In almost all cases this would result in nothing, but in Avada it would catch it if those “required plugins” needed updating afterwards.


    Is is possible to have an option to change the order of checking – check the theme first for updates and then the plugins afterwards??? That would do it.

    Thanks for getting back to me and I hope you have a happy new year!

    Plugin Author David Anderson


    This is probably very “niche”, in terms of demand. Probably the best way to achieve what you want is to use the “webhook” facility in the Premium version, allowing you to run a new updates check whenever you like.

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