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  • On my current Movabletype page at
    I have my main blog, and at the top of the page I have a little box with a Haiku. In MT, I accomplished this by having my main blog, then a separate Haiku blog, and I used the “Multiblog” plugin to just pull the latest entry from the Haiku blog to display at the top.

    I initially had experimented with having my Haiku as a separate category in my main blog, and then had my index display all categories EXCEPT Haiku, and the box only displayed the Haiku category. The problem with this method was that if anyone just picked an entry to start at, and then clicked “next entry” because they just wanted to read through all my entries, they would have to wade through tons of Haiku in the process since there was no way to exclude the haiku if you were just clicking next or previous entry.

    Is there any way to accomplish this in WP through inherent features or plugins?

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  • Upon further brainstorming, I notice WP has the “previous-Next” on the index pages instead of the individual pages! I think this solves my problem. If I can just exclude Haiku from the index pages then people and click through all the pages without ever seeing a haiku. If they want to see the Haiku they can browse that category.

    Let me know if anyone has any better suggestions or feedback. Thanks!

    I have made further progress. I’ve excluded the Haiku Category from the main part of the page, and created a second “loop” at the op which includes ONLY Haiku. Now the problem is: How can I only show 1 haiku while still showing 10 posts?

    Well I can’t find a way to this yet. I’m sure it must just be my own lack of knowledge.

    I’m wondering if maybe I could separate my Haiku into their own blog and somehow just diplay the latest entry at the top of my main blog. Any ideas?

    Maybe use something like the miniblog? Have to find the link, just hang a sec….

    Here, look at this, see if it might help you out….

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