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  • Thank you very much for producing this plugin. It’s really useful and nothing else seems to fit the bill.

    I would love to see the option of displaying the title of the document next to the link, or to have the option of using it in the link name, such as [title]. It would have to be pasted manually into a new field at the individual file upload (optional), and/or (even better) to also be able to pull it from a file name.

    Right now I can upload multiple PDFs with the name fileprefix_yyyy-mm–dd. That’s great! It would really fit my needs to be able to upload files named fileprefix_yyyy-mm-dd_title, and this plugin would be able to use a new [title] tag to put the title of the document in the link name. That would be wonderful!

    Thank you for building this plugin!

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  • If the “title” you want added to the link is the same for every file-type then you could edit the minagnews-parse-uploads.php file and look for the line $pattern = str_ireplace('[display]', $this->document_types[$docType]['display'], $pattern); in function interpret and add the title you want to appear in the link like so:
    $pattern = str_ireplace('[display]', $this->document_types[$docType]['display']." Your New Title Here", $pattern);

    Of course editing the plugin’s files is not always the best idea as anytime you have to update the plugin your changes will be lost unless you remember to re-edit the file after updating.

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