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    I’m working on a small project site that will promote and sell a how too video, never done it before so coming into it blind so to speak. The site and video are the easy part, where I’m fumbling a bit is how to set up the video for download and the best way to collect money.

    For the video I was just thinking of using YouTube with the video unlisted, not real interested in the private version, not everyone has a gmail and don’t want to force customers to get one to view so the unlisted setting seems better. Of course its not real secure, anyone with the link can view but just not sure of a better way to do this without getting overly complicate with the site. Want to try to keep it simple. Do have easy digital downloads with my theme but the YouTube path seams much simpler to deal with.

    Any suggestion on a better option?

    The second issue is the money collection, not a fan of PayPal although its an easy solution, based on my price I’m looking at 6% for those guys and then they still have my money. Just leery of the PayPal path. Have looked at a few other options which are more along the lines of merchant account type processing, cost is similar to PayPal but the money comes to me rather than PayPal.

    Any suggestion with collecting funds.

    I do have easy digital downloads with my theme but have never set anything like that up, would that be a good option?

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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  • For payment processing I recommend stripe, it just works. EDD is a good choice, there are a lot of extension plugins available to add functionality as needed. WooCommerce is another option.

    If you want to just sell downloads of your videos then EDD should be all you need, if you want to sell sure access to streaming video then look at my EDD extension plugin which does just this. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, best of luck with your project.


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