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  • I love the Sugar & Spice theme, and would like to work with the theme fonts and colors. I want my home page to look like the theme page, is it possible to use the same lovely peach font color in my titles as well as the Sugar & Spice Header font? How would I be able to find out what the theme font is and the code for the peach and emerald? Thank you!

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  • Thank you very much!!

    Would you have a recommendation where best to buy a SSL that is not so costly? I wonder if it is best to go with the host of my website, if necessary? Or would there be a free option for WordPress, would you know?

    Thank you again!

    Hello again,

    thank you so much again for suggesting the plugin. May I ask, have you used it?
    I decided that I must implement SSL even though I have no payments or anything like that, but the fact that my site shows up as unsafe is not good, and it concerns me.
    Did you have to redirect your site?
    Thank you so very much for all the support you keep giving!


    I am really distressed. I purchased a SSL and installed it, and now all my images on my website disappeared. Also my front page with the password is completely gone for those who have my link. I am not sure if my CSS got affected by the SSL and I don’t know at all what to do, and need to fix this really quickly as clients have my link.
    I installed Really Simple SSL and it fixed still unsafe pages but now my site is a mess as none of my images show! Can you help me?
    Thank you so much!

    I went to your home and everything looks OK. Is it just your gallery images that aren’t showing up? Are you hard-coding links using http:// instead of https://?


    oh thank you so very very much! This morning none of my images loaded after the install, neither my front page, but it finally seemed to have resolved itself and seems to be ok now. But I have still some concerns. What do you mean by hard-coding? I don’t know how to do any of that. I installed Really Simple SSL and it seemed to fix the content that was not safe. But may I ask you, was it no problem for you to get to my home page? The reason I am asking is that I sent the link of my site (home page) to potential clients and was worried that now that link will not work for them. When I type in I get only a gray page in Firefox, unless I add the https, while in Google it automatically goes to https. I don’t know what to do about that.
    Another concern is that many contacts have the http://…link and now it will no longer work, and I am not sure what to do about it.

    Thank you very much for replying!!

    If you go to your SSL settings (Settings → SSL → Settings), do you have the box labeled Enable WordPress 301 redirection to SSL checked? If that box is checked, then visitors that use the http link should automatically get redirected to the https address. For example, if I enter or, it automatically get changed to

    This is my settings page: the enable 301 redirection to SSL is checked the enable 301 .htaccess redirect is not. I tried the link I sent to someone with the http still, and it’s not working, do you think it might still need more time?


    Settings to optimize your SSL configuration

    Auto replace mixed content
    Enable WordPress 301 redirection to SSL – yes

    Enable 301 .htaccess redirect Before you enable this, make sure you know how to regain access to your site in case of a redirect loop. – no

    And this is what I have in configuration:
    success SSL is enabled on your site.
    error The mixed content fixer is activated, but was not detected on the frontpage. Please follow these steps to check if the mixed content fixer is working. Instructions
    success An SSL certificate was detected on your site.
    success 301 redirect to https set: WordPress redirect

    Not sure what it means.

    I meant to add, I also keep being locked out, it so strange. For a while I can log into my admin then I am locked out again, I don’t know what to do about it. Does the IP address change with the https? If so, how would I find what it is?

    The IP address does not change.

    I would go to the Really Simple SSL support page and post your questions there. The plugin developer seems to be very responsive to questions and familiar with SSL problems. Let him (or her) know the information you posted above, and that your http address isn’t being redirected to the https address (you should include a link to your site).

    Thank you, this is so kind of you. May I ask, if I find a url in a custom css or upload, do I change it manually or do I have to upload everything anew?
    Thank you again for your wonderful help!

    If you find it in a custom CSS, then just remove the http: part manually. So if your CSS rule looks like this:

    .header {
       background-image: url(;

    Then you can change it to look like this:

    .header {
       background-image: url(//;

    I don’t think you will need to re-upload any images, I didn’t have to. What you can try doing is a view source on a page that you are concerned about, and do a search on the string http:. That should show you if there are any hard-coded http strings that need to be replace.

    Thank you so much. This is an example in the custom css for the front page (it’s a custom css box the plugin has for the background image:

    #form_wrap button {
    background: url( no-repeat top !important;top: 498px !important;left: 680px !important;opacity: 0.7 !important;}
    #form_wrap {

    You mean to just write:

    #form_wrap button {
    background: url(// no-repeat top !important;top: 498px !important;left: 680px !important;opacity: 0.7 !important;}
    #form_wrap {

    Thank you again!!

    I don’t know how to do a search on the string http, how do I do that? I’ve never done anything like this before.

    May I ask you something else? The plugin says:

    Really Simple SSL inserts a marker “data-rsssl” in the websource as a way to check if it’s working. If it it’s there the mixed content fixer is active.

    I don’t seem to be able to find the data-rsssl anywhere but the lock is green. Where do I see that?

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