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    I searched the forum and found similar issues to what I have but didn’t see a solution that worked for me.

    When I drag and drop a text widget into my left sidebar containing amazon and google affiliate code it remains at the top of the sidebar rather than underneath my other two widgets, blogroll and meta. They are in the correct order on my widgets drag and drop page so I’m not sure why it is doing this. I’ve already spoken to the theme creator and she was unable to find the solution to my problem as it did the same thing for her when she tried it.

    It seems to display properly in IE, but not mozilla. I’m suspecting I need to change something in the sheet and I’ve tried messing with the code and still couldn’t fix it. Does anyone else have this problem with this theme or another when adding an affiliate text widget. I don’t really know much about coding but if you can tell me what to edit that would be wonderful. Thanks for any help I can get. I really don’t want to change themes as I really enjoy this one. Here’s my site if you need to see what I mean:

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  • I find the meta and blogroll widgets on top and amazon widget at the bottom both in IE and Firefox.

    What is the beahiviour you want?


    Strange. I see it the other way..Do you think it’s something in my browser settings? I have the latest version of mozilla.

    Mine is Firefox 3.5.3.

    You can try it in Google Chrome too for a third opinion!


    I would if I had something other than Windows 2k. I tried something else and reversed the order of my widgets from bottom to top in my widget drag and drop area and now it shows fine in mozilla but the other way in IE. This is driving me crazy. I just want it to be the same for both browsers. Anyone have any ideas of why this would be happening? I have Firefox 3.5.3 as well. Thanks.

    Does it only happen with a text widget?
    Does it only happen with affiliate code?

    It happens with any widget it seems. I tried other widgets and it did the same thing so I know it’s not the affiliate code itself. Any ideas?

    Hi everyone,


    It appears that this issue with the sidebar occurs with any widget type. I had installed a blog for a client and was noticing that the topmost widget was continually showing up at the bottom. Literally MOVING while the home page was loading!

    Then I dragged the widget to a new place, but it still did it’s little moving thing.


    Quite simply, I disabled the Drag and Drop in the theme options! LOL

    Under Appreance/Suffusion Theme Options, there is a setting for Drag-and-Drop for First Sidebar and Drag-and-Drop for Second Sidebar. I choose “Disable” for both — which also disables the expand collapse feature — and lo and behold my top widget is back and the top and not doing any crazy moving around.

    I hope this helps. However, to whoever the theme creator is, this is a serious bug that is clearly related to the CSS and positioning settings. Almost made me switch themes.

    ~ Greg

    Thank you so much!! I did this and it fixed my problem. I will notify the creator of this. Thanks again!

    Wow. And I had no idea that this thread existed!

    Actually this is a problem with how docking boxes (the feature that lets you drag and drop, expand and collapse etc) can be tied in with WordPress widgets (I am the theme creator, BTW). I have explained this problem a bit here: .

    The short of it is, if the widget gets printed without a title, it doesn’t remain a part of the “docking boxes group”. Note that I say “printed”, not “created”. A widget’s author controls if and when to print the before_title, ‘after_titleand title elements. The default implementation of the "text" widget doesn't print thebefore_titleandafter_title` elements if the title is blank, but all other default widgets print these elements even if the title is blank. This was actually causing large-scale breakdown of the layout upon using text widgets without a title. I fixed this issue by overriding the default text widget, but the problem still remains for widgets based on the default text widget.

    Here is some more information. As a part of the “docking boxes group” a widget’s position, expand/collapse settings etc are stored for your browser. So you might have done some positioning at one point in one browser causing the widget’s position to be erratic when you add subsequent widgets. That is why when you load it onto other browsers (where you haven’t moved the widgets around) you are fine.

    There are quite a few fixes for this:
    1. Do as Greg suggests and disable docking boxes by disabling drag and drop. This will fix widget positions based on your admin panel. Note, though, that if you are using a widget that doesn’t print the title, you might still be breaking the layout.
    2. Or define a title for the widgets – this is always worth a try and for most cases (but not all cases) it lets you have your layout and drag-and-drop as well.
    3. If you are concerned about the widget positions being inconsistent across different browsers, you might want to delete your cookies and test it out again – that is how a new visitor will see your page.

    Please note that this is not related to CSS and positioning at all. The fact is, WP provides a before_title and after_title, but not a before_content and after_content. That would have really made things a lot easier!

    A note to myself – I will avoid docking boxes in my next theme. It is not worth the pain.


    Thanks so much for responding. I have taken your advice and added titles to my widget boxes. This seems to make it look better anyhow. I don’t know why I ignored it before.

    I’m so glad a solution was found as I was determined to use this theme and didn’t care to use any other. Thanks to all for any input given. I’m sure this will help a lot of people who have had this same problem.

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