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    Hi, I use the Suffusion theme (and I love it). There’s one problem now though. I’ve been working on my website with IE8 and IE9. But the other day I was showing my friend the website and was shocked that my whole website is distorted on his browser (IE6 I believe). The main menu under the header is waaaay on the left (you can only see it if you make your window two screens wide), and the first sidebar is pushed to the left covering main website body, second side bar also all over the place. The only thing that looks good is the header that still sits in the middle of the window. It’s like somebody picked up all the elements of my page and shaked it up like a magic-8 ball.

    Please help me with this!! Thank you!!!

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  • Ever since WP dropped IE6 support, I have dropped IE6 support in Suffusion. That doesn’t mean I go out of my way to break things in IE6 and in fact a lot of Suffusion configurations still work in IE6.

    It is just that I have stopped checking for a browser that is 11 years old, has had 3 major upgrades, and has seen its usage drop to below 8% due to its maker’s efforts (mostly thanks to its 25% share in China). I don’t believe Suffusion is the only theme in this category.

    Sorry if this is a deal breaker.



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    I think that’s only reasonable. Most web developers dropped support for IE6 years ago.

    So is there anyway to find out why this is the case and how I could solve the problem? I tried to change page width from fixed to float, didn’t help.

    (i was checking at work, and most company computers are still using IE6 and excel 2003)

    and no Sayontan, it’s definitely not a deal breaker. I’ve tried many different themes before settling with yours, I wouldn’t want to risk going back again.

    you can use a plugin, for example this one
    or a similar one

    to announce IE6, IE7 users that they use a browser that do not show correctly your site design, and recommend them to make an upgrade.

    Don’t care about IE6 – that is a dead browser. Even the IE7 support will end soon. IE8 and IE9 still suck, but developers must support them.

    IE6 support is not worth the effort at all.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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