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  • Hi,

    I am able to put a footer on all of my home page and my about page that indicates “Text and Images Copyright of (me)” but I have all of my posts rolling without any breaks. Is there any way, a footer or anything else you can think of, that I can indicate somewhere on each post my copyright notice?

    Also, I am using Next Gen, and have two pages which show all of my artwork images – is there also a way to put the copyright notice on the bottom of each of these two pages?

    I do not know CSS.


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  • I think I can figure out the Next Gen pages problem, as each of those is only a single page, but the rolling posts is still defying my understanding. Thanks!



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    I am aware of Aquoid Forum but am able to sign in / register / etc. over there. I’d rather place my queries on this forum, so in case anybody is wondering, I am still hoping to get an actual answer over here.

    Thank you.

    Why not just post a copyright notice under the main content, no plugins or special css needed, just use the wordpress editor and put it under the post.

    Incidentally in Suffusion you can go into the Suffusion admin and have the copyright notice on every page right at the bottom.

    Go to WordPress admin and then click Suffusion Options – Other Graphical Elements – Footer and insert your copyright notice there.


    Thanks, yes, I do have the copyright notice footer in there on all pages except the rolling pages of blog posts.

    I may have to do what you suggest then on each post, or on each picture – just put a copyright notice or sign….as part of the actual post, each time I post.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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