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    OK Just switched to 4.4.7 and the problem I need to address has continued in here.
    I want to change my header image
    On Skinning Header,
    Default styles or custom styles for header? = custom Styles
    Header Foreground Image Type = Use a predefined image or logo
    Header Foreground Image = (1000 x 85) it shows in the preview.
    Blog Title / Header Color = ffffff I have also tried it on 000000

    What could be so confusing Sayontan asked me on the other forum. It wouldnt be confusing if it worked. Any help appreciated please!

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  • Try posting on the theme’s dedicated forum:
    You should get a faster & more informed response there.

    Theme Author Sayontan Sinha


    Looks like you have saved your settings in Appearance → Header and those are overriding the theme’s settings. Can you set up your header image in Appearance → Header as well?

    Theme Author Sayontan Sinha


    Also, see this support topic: This is applicable to you.

    esmi – I had been apparently pushed off onto a pending approval basis to post on the theme’s dedicated forum – I assumed then it would be quicker to post here – as indeed it has proved.

    Thanks for coming back Sayontan. If you tried it last few minutes I was looking at the new 2013 theme so it may have been in in an inappropriate state. Well interesting because before I lost the header in the first place I tried to set the Header in there – forgetting as it has been a while that Suffusion had its own implementtion.

    I uploaded via the Appearance / Header interface only to find it tiled the image. At that point I remembered Suffusion has its own. So I removed the image that was newly set there, and proceeded to use Suffusion to effect the change instead.

    Can I do it in both interfaces? – well if I do it in the Appearance / Header interface the image loads but I can see no effect with changing from default to Custom Styles in Suffusion. i.e the former is taking precedence.

    But that method is still tiling vertically beneath the menu bar, I will leave it there now if you want to look, but although it is not easy to see because of the nature of the image, the bottom row of freight containers is actually a repeat of the top row of freight containers.

    Yes sorted thank you!

    Andy, the Suffusion board gets inundated with Spam. Your post was held for approval as it contained multiple url’s. It has now been approved. I suggest you return there.

    On my blog ( I notice that the custom header that I am using is one of the last things to load. This results in slow page loads. I am using suffusion and I am unable to locate the code that first calls the header image. I would actually like to serve that image from a subdomain from which other images are being called but I cannot (and I have spent a lot of time on this) locate the place where the header URL is found so I can change it. I know the header is called by the get_header_image() function but I can’t find the location of the actual URL. Is that in the MYSQL database or is it somewhere in the PHP?
    I also notice that if I do not define the header in appearance>>header, within the WordPress admin, that the settings in Suffusion settings (skinning>>header) don’t work. In any case I would like my custom header to be one of the first things to load…..before the content.

    Thanks for the support in advance.

    As per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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