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    I have been using Suffusion for a few years with out any issues until the other day when i tried to add a eBay vertical banner 120×240 using the editor kit but when i past the code into the my post it has way to much side padding.

    Searching the forums on ebay led me here as they said its a word press/theme problem.

    I can create a post with a sample if needed. Also i use Amazon and Google ads with no problems at all.

    A link where i want to post the ad down with the amazon links.

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  • Hello furitech can you post your URL here so that we can check.

    Kind regards

    Hello furitech can you provide the code you use as long as it does not have any personal or private information added.

    What is the editor kit?

    Kind regards

    Below is the view source from the link above. At the end you can see the width=570 i have changed and deleted that and it made no difference.

    Editor Kit is the area in ebay partner network where you create the type of ads im using.

    If I paste the code into another site or blank html page it works fine but word press or suffusion is changing the spacing for some reason. Im sure its just a style sheet issue but im not that technical to know what to do.


    <script language="JavaScript" src=""></script>

    Hi furitech, javascript does not always play well and inserting the code you posted above without wrapping the code can sometimes cause problems. Have a look at this tutorial and let me know if that helps you.

    Kind regards


    So i need a plugin to wrap the java in?

    using the a plugin from the link you provided it would need the java pasted into the source area and set the frame to the correct size and it should work?

    Hi furitech, a plugin will help you to control the output. Once you copy and paste the code into one of the plugins I suggested, it will help you. However it is also important that when you copy the code from eBay you try and tweak it a bit.

    Kind regards

    I have had a play with the plugin and tried to use it like the Amazon ads but the way ebay loads the ad in wordpress is very strange.

    The amount of detail in the ad code from eBay is over the top and in a regular HTML page it only uses what it needs to show 1 ad. WordPress seems to use everything and that is why its so big. The ebay code is setup to show 4 ads and word press is loading enough space for 4 ads but i only have 1.

    Also the CSS is adding the padding as i have tried some different settings with entry td.

    There are also alot of spacer images which wordpress is loading i have added a code to stop that but it seems there is alot of issues still to be fixed.

    I have played with the inspect element in fire fox which is how i worked out most of the issues but im not sure how to stop wordpress from loading or changing things.

    Thanks for your ideas and the quick replays also.


    Hi furitech yes I agree with you and if I can remeber a while back I had a plugin that worked ok. You might want to try it…

    Let me know if it helps.

    Kind regards

    The watchcount plugin is good and would work across the whole site but i w really want to do is have different ads with related items to my blog post topic. Watch count seems to only allows 1 search topic site wide from what i can see.

    This however gave me an idea on how to sort out the problem. As it looks to me the CSS needs to be controlled around the java output from the eBay code.

    could i add a new css option for the eBay output and inclose the java code so it only uses what css i tell it? I also noticed a body class option could that be used just for the ad?

    Well i went back to the iframe idea and placed the ad in its own html file with its own css and then created a frame to load the page where i wanted it. Its a large work around and im sure more editing to the WordPress css would fix it but its sorted for now.

    Thanks for all the help..

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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