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  • Question please;
    I’m using Suffusion (in a couple sites, actually) – but how can I get some of the plugins to work with this theme – maybe it’s not the theme, but when I’ve made sites using other themes, I didn’t have a problem with things like ‘Mingle’, or ‘Faux_Facebook’ – but I am now, and the only thing different that I know of, is using the Suffusion Theme – anyone else seen similar problems ? – Am I missing something here? – Thanks in advance for your input.

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  • You might want to post the question here: Include things like what you are trying to do with the plugins, which files you are trying to edit etc.

    By the way, I have tried out Mingle on Suffusion and it works fine without requiring to edit any files on the theme. Maybe some styles need to be modified, but that is all – all the Mingle functionality is present without any issues.

    Hi Sayontan,
    First off – thank you for replying! – I really appreciate your attention to your work, and your users. Shows heart!
    Secondly, would it be POSSIBLE for you to help me some – if I BEGGED? – If you can get Mingle to work with full functionality, WOULD YOU *PLEASE* HELP ME? – Man, I have tried and tried, and I cant get it to work – that and ‘Faux_Facebook’ – PLEEEEAAAAASSSSE ???
    Thanks again for your attention to your theme – I LOVE IT – if I could only get some ‘social-site’ functions, I’d be THRILLED!
    God Bless!

    Oh – BTW – the main thing I’m not able to get to work, is the avatars-uploading/displaying. I disabled Mingle because I wasn’t able to get the uploads/displays of avatars to work – at least that was the main problem, anyway.

    As I suggested, you might want to take this to Suffusion’s forum – probably there are people who have used these plugins. Maybe they can offer alternatives.

    Again, I have only tested all the basic functionality for Mingle and I noticed no surprises – all pages behaved as I hoped they would. I am not familiar with the more advanced aspects of the plugin, like uploading avatars as you mentioned. The one page where an avatar was displayed, it picked it up from my profile.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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