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  1. angelaharms
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Oh, dear! Ok, I admit I was editing the theme online, so it *could* be that I was hacked, but somehow I doubt that.

    I am using the Wave theme, which has it's problems. But what I seem to like about it is that even though it has major design problems* requiring me to hack a lot, it's been pretty painless, even fun, to hack. But this morning, I went back to editing the theme files, and I clicked to save, and it said

    The requested theme doesn't exist.


    Pretty scary, huh? I went in via ftp and it looks to me like the files are all still there. I could re-install the theme, but of course I didn't back up my hacks when I went to bed, so I'd be starting over.

    Anybody know what gives? What particular file would have to be missing for WP to tell me the theme doesn't exist? Anything? I'm stumped.

    Angela Harms

    *For example, it had graphics as headers, where there should have been <h2> tags.

  2. angelaharms
    Posted 8 years ago #

    A followup:

    I'd been thinking of abandoning Wave, but I just couldn't get happy with that idea, so I decided to buck up and try to fix the problem. I went to a backup, then discovered that the problem had been that my style.css was *empty.*

    That's gotta be caused by editing online, but does anybody know if this is something that is a known problem? Or is the editor eating files a new thing with 2.5?


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