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  • I recently made some changes to my site, added some widgets and had a friend change my stylesheet to change my header navigation.

    Since then I’ve had two people tell me when they view my site the font is tiny. I know one was through Internet Explorer but I don’t know which version; still waiting to hear from the other one. I’ve checked through IE, Firefox and Chrome and everything is normal on my end. I’m not even sure where to start.

    Any ideas what to try next? (I’m using a modified PrimePress theme.)

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  • Michael


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    without a link to your site, no one wil be able to really comment on your problem.

    Oops sorry about that. I thought it was attached.



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    the tiny font is showing in my IE7.

    this section in header.php (?) looks suspicious an dis invalid html code:

    <a href=""><div id="rotating">
    		<img src=""
    width="920" alt="TheOrganicSister " title="You are beautiful. Did you know?" /></a>

    try to identify this code area in header.php and at least move the </div> to the space before the </a>.
    then check again – presssing ‘ctrl’ and ‘f5’ simultanously should make the changes visible in your IE browser (IE7 does show the problem, i don’t know about IE8)

    can you replace the div with a span to make it valide code?

    what is the purpose if the #rotating div?

    this theme has a rotating header. i don’t use the rotating headers but it gives you the options of uploading multiple headers and each page refresh or new page clicked will show a different header randomly.

    the header.php has not been changed in two years and this small font is a new issue. i’m hesitant to change this without being sure it’s the actual problem.



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    whatever you have (or have not) done in the menatime, the display and font size in IE7 seems to have gone back to normal.

    check back with your people to see if they can confirm this (tell them about the ‘reload’ button or pressing ‘crtl f5’ to clear the browser cache, and get the latest version of your css to show.

    you might still want to consider to fix as many validation errors as you possible can; any one of them can lead to browser display inconsistencies.

    hmm, strange. i did just delete a bit of extraneous code (an attempt to style a table) from my css. it must have been the problem.

    thanks for your help. much appreciated. 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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