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    My geek sons have been helping me with some work on my site. All was going well until yesterday morning when the site suddenly wouldn’t load. (Just get a blank white page in browser, though correct URL displayed in address bar.) It was loading OK the previous night.

    I checked with my host’s support. They said the domain (or sub-domain to be precise) is loading fine from their end. They suggested it might be an incompatible plugin. Then they observed that it seems to be an issue with the www. string – i.e public page loads without the www. but not with it. (However admin won’t load either way, so nothing I can do about plugins etc.). In connection with that they suggested it

    may be an issue with the .htaccess that is included with your WordPress site


    I’m too noob to understand what the .htaccess file does or what its contents might mean. (Actually my host support added it in for me a couple of years ago to address some other issue at the time.) But I can report that removing it from my blog folder makes no difference either way to this present problem.

    Can someone suggest something I could investigate? Thanks.

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  • If you know about FTP you can log into there and change the name of your plugins folder to deactivate them all. You can also do the same to any extra themes that you may have installed or at least the theme that you were using. Only rename, you don’t need to delete. Renaming the theme folder forces WordPress to revert back to a default theme.

    If you don’t know how to go through FTP you can also try logging into your web hosting provider’s file manager (ask them about this) and make the folder edits from there.

    Thanks, Jarret. Thankfully FTP is one thing my geekery does extend to. Would I be right to extrapolate from what you say that I could rename the folders for individual plugins and/or themes? I thinking maybe I could disable the most recently added ones first, if that’s an option. Is that possible?

    Exactly, just rename the most recent plugins/folders that you know you added and see if that fixes the issue.

    Just to tie this one up .. It turned out in the end to be some corruption in my parent theme installation. Beyond my ken, but not that of my two professional geek sons. All fixed now, it seems.

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