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    I was logged in to my newly set up blog and looking at a few things in the admin section, walked away for 20 minutes and when I got back and hit save on one of the setting pages I got a 404 error.

    Everything had been fine all morning, but now there s no admin, it just comes up with what should have been my main blog page but without the theme, and no admin anything.

    I checked the directories and everything is there best I can tell, how could this suddenly happen? What files should I be looking at or checking to fix this? (I can only assume something got hacked but I have no clue, and its a new site so I have practically no content and no readers yet that I know of)

    Thank you in advance

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  • I just can’t find the problem and not sure where else to look.
    I closed my browser and rebooted, tried to get back to my WP admin area but I don;t get a login even though all the wp directories appear to be in tact. All I see is a 404 error with post and page remnants, no theme (yes, the theme directory and theme still do exist).

    As a last resort I suppose I could remove WP and start from scratch (ugh!) unless anyone has a better idea?

    Thank you 🙂



    I’d suggest you to delete all the plugins first and see what happens. That’s the first thing I would do in a situation like this.

    I didn’t have any plugins enabled but thank you anyway SupersonicSquirrel 🙂 I took the default 2 that were there and removed them just in case.

    I did manage to solve the problem though (yeah!)
    I disabled my .htaccess file and tried to get to the admin and of course got a standard 404 error page showing me the wp-login.php couldn’t be found. Well, since I could see it there in the directory I realized that one of the changes I had made in the settings was the site url. My WP is in a subdirectory, and I was hoping one of the url options would actually allow me to have a link back to my main index page… apparently that isn’t possible as I just found out.

    Anyway, I got into the mysql db and adjusted the setting back to include the subdirectory name that wp is in, and now it all works again. Phew!


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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