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    I don’t think I had done any changes to my blog for months. Today I went to look at a document with links to pictures of work examples on my WP blog, and the index page of my blog would come up, but any link (categories, tags, posts) would show a blank page with only “no input file specified” written. I could also log in to my admin.

    I assumed it was some weird thing with permalinks or database. I don’t understand that stuff. So I went to my hosting company, GoDaddy, and it I decided to push a button that downgraded my installation to a previous version (3.3.1 I think). That didn’t help – now my index page didn’t even come up anymore. So then I tried upgrading back to the most current version, that also didn’t help. Now all I get is a “Error establishing a database connection” page.

    My blog URI is .

    Please help if you think you know what’s going on. I’m thinking of calling GoDaddy and asking them to back me up to some previous date (I think they do this? Or at least you can go back 1 day, which is better than where I am now, with my index page loading??)

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  • anyone familiar with this?

    I’m not familiar with GoDaddy hosting, but it may have written over your wp-config.php file. (if so, it may have backed up the old one) Generally “Error establishing a database connection” means that something in the wp-config.php file dealing with the database is wrong (host, database, database username and password).


    This all started out as a permalinks problem. For some reason, suddenly the custom permalinks can’t have “index.php/” after the root. Very annoying since I have documents with links that reference my blog, and that has to be redone. Why did some WP coder decide to suddenly screw over users that used that custom permalink scheme?

    Also want to mention that my WP install is in a subfolder of my domain: i.e.; “”, if that matters.

    I should’ve just called GoDaddy right off, because they support WP nowaday, and the conversation was painless. I had taken a few ill advised steps to “fix” my blog yesterday. After a half hour, the 2yr-old database backup that I restored to was restored back to a day-old database. This cost $50, but was my fault not paying attention to the date of the backup – I thought it was a 22hrs old auto-backup, not a 760 day and 22hrs old backup – read all of the numbers and don’t make hasty decisions that aren’t related to permalinks problems.

    GoDaddy rep also made sure my files were backed up to the day before, just to make sure the files and database were from before I started screwing around with them.

    Once all that was done, I was instructed to copy my custom permalinks string to a notepad, in case we needed it again: /index.php/%year%/%monthnum%/%day%/%postname%/
    and then I was instructed to click on any other permalink option (chose “default”), and click save. That worked. Suddenly the “no input file specified” message disappeared when I clicked on a link. But my old documents with links to blog posts would need painstaking editing (and any other links still posted from years past).

    I feel screwed by whatever change was implemented for whatever reason. Doesn’t seem necessary, but when I tried going back to my old custom permalinks string it still didn’t work.

    Thanks for any recommendations, but the moral of my story is: If you have GoDaddy hosting AND WordPress problems, JUST CALL GODADDY FIRST! They provide 24/7 assistance, and they support WP (which I had read out-datedly and no longer correctly that they don’t support WP on this site, so I didn’t call them until I exhausted my poor attempts at fixing the issue). GoDaddy – for as much as people on this forum and elsewhere complain about them, seems to have excellent tech support, the few times over the last several years I’ve had to call them.

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