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  • Okay here is my problem. I suddenly went from getting at least 5 to seven google searches a day. To nothing overnight. A few days ago i downloaded the new 3.5 and this could be the cause of the problem. Or it could be just that hey I don’t get many searches and it’s normal. But also about the same time I changed my preffered domain so it could be caused by that. Right now i decativated all of my plugins and went to the 2011 theme per the 3.5 troubleshooting page. Hoping to get some search traffic. I know my site is indexed in Google because i can see it but if I search for specific things I can’t find my site. Hopefully this goes back to normal. I’m not sure which of my changes caused the problem though. This is the site it’s an amazon deals site. So also the downturn could be caused by eveyone has allready bought their Christmas presents.

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  • Okay I don’t know if this matters but when I go on webmaster tools for google this is what I get
    Total indexed 0
    Ever crawled 1332
    Not selected 145
    Blocked by robots 0

    so is this telling me my site is not indexed at all? Or that it is and all of these changes have made me fall somewhere far down in the serps?

    You can ask in Internet Marketing Forums or Webmaster Central, it has nothing to with WordPress 3.5.

    Moderator kmessinger


    Check your site here, It will tell if you are indexed by Google and Bing.

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