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    I need help with my RSS feed <; for my podcast which does not work properly according to Apple Support. They claim it depends on my host:

    ”We detected a technical issue when attempting to fetch content from your RSS feed. This is typically caused by server availability issues with your hosting provider. Please contact them to ensure that your show’s episodes and artwork are always available.”

    My host SiteGround says:

    ”After an in-depth investigation, I found that the issue is caused by the plugin Blubrry PowerPress.

    To troubleshoot that, I’ve installed the WordPress plugin “Healthcheck and Troubleshoot” which allowed me to disable all plugins and use the default WordPress theme on my end, without affecting the live version of the website.

    With all plugins disabled, the rss feed is displayed in the browser:

    When only Blubrry PowerPress plugin is enabled, it changes the MIME type for the feeds to text/plain when it should be set to RSS-compatible MIME type (for example: application/rss+xml) and when you try to access the RSS feed, the browser is trying to download the file instead of opening it:
    or depending on the browser, it simply displayes plain text:”

    Grateful for help!

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author Angelo Mandato


    Hello @skrivarsidan,

    PowerPress does not convert feeds to use a non feed content type. hough I believe their diagnosis is correct, the came to the wrong conclusion. It is more than likely the combination of something.

    Is your page for your podcast is a “post type”, then you need to make sure what ever plugin is creating that post type is always enabled. More than likely you disabled the plugin that created the “poetpodden” which is why it appeared as if having powerpress as the only plugin enabled was then setting the wrong content type for the page. In this case WordPress is setting the content type, this is not a podcast specific feed and PowerPress doesn’t change the feeds WordPress makes, we only add podcast only feeds in addition to the exiting feeds.

    The other problem you describe sounds like a caching one, specifically with PHP source code. Go back to SiteGround and find out if they are using PHP’s OPCache. I suspect they are. IF they are, anytime you updating and enable-disable plugins you need to have this cache cleared/reset.

    Also I am viewing the feed: it appears to be fine at the moment. It does not match the error you linked to previously in your screen shot.

    Lastly, I see extra tags in your feed:


    This is most likely being added by your theme. A theme developer many many years ago thought it was a good idea to use the favicon or siteicon for HTML in the feed and this is copied over to a lot of themes unfortunately. The worst thing about it, there was never a blog reader or podcast app that specified they wanted this image to be 32×32, this is one of those relics that seems continue to be copied down from theme to theme that should have never been coded in the first place. Go into your them settings see if you can turn this off. You do not want this added as it makes your feed invalid and also sets the alternative image for your large Apple image to be a 32×32 tiny image, which is crazy small for podcast directory usage. You will notice how small it is when you preview the feed in an older version of Firefox or in a feed reader.


    Thanks for answer, Angelo!

    I do not understand what to do with ”post type” but I have deleted all blog entries in the category ”poetpodden” that is not podcast.

    In WP Rocket there is OPCache and I empty it there. OK?

    Validation has been and is still OK. Favicon was worse but I think and hope I got rid of it from the theme. How do I now revalidate the RSS feed in Podcasts Connect and then resubmit it? The only option in Podcasts Connect is the Delet.

    Iréne Svensson Räisänen

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    Plugin Author Angelo Mandato


    In podcast connect, there is a link to contact apple support, you nee to ask them to re-activate the listing now that you fixed the issues with the feed.

    Thanks Angelo! 🙂

    Now is my podcast back again.

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